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Citizenship or Community Development

The Trust has made wide ranging awards to foster the advancement of citizenship and community development.

In particular frequent grants are made to the youth organisations in respect of camping equipment, minibuses, musical instruments and renovation of club premises.  Funds have also been made available to establish a drop-in centre at Mere Green and refurbish one in the town centre.

Grants were provided towards the purchase and running of a Community Bus in Banners Gate, develop the Communty Hub premises at Mere Green and Farthing Lane and repair and upgrade the Womens Institute hut in Walmley.     

A special award of £670,000 was recently made to the Y.M.C.A to extend and refurbish their premises in Sutton to increase the availability of high standard accommodation for young adults with limited resources.  Additionally it will provide a stable income stream to the Y.M.C.A to support their many community initiatives including disability projects, young carers, Streetwise, Café Y and children’s holiday provision.   

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