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Grants for Organisations

Who may apply?

  • Applications must be for the benefit of residents and / or organisations in the Trust’s area of benefit, defined as the council wards of Birmingham City Council known as the Sutton Coldfield constituency.
  • Exceptionally, applications may be considered from organisations based outside Sutton Coldfield, if these meet the needs of a significant number of residents and there is no similar local provision. For example, medical, hospice and special needs provision.

When may applications be submitted?

  • Applications may be submitted at any time. They are considered by the Grants Committee which meets eight or nine times a year. Where awards requested are for £55,000 or less, the Committee makes a decision and applicants are notified as soon as possible. Requests for grants over £55,000 are considered by the Committee and may be referred for a final decision to the full Board of Trustees, which meets quarterly.
  • At all stages, staff at the Trust will give assistance to those making applications. For example, projects and applications can be discussed, either at the Trust’s office or on site. Applicants can also be given advice about deadlines for submitting applications to ensure that these are considered at the next meeting of the Grants Committee.

How do I apply?

Please Contact the Grants Manager for further details or to make an application.