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The Board of Trustees governs the Trust and meets at least four times a year to oversee operational activities and to receive reports, make decisions and determine strategy.  The Board oversees the financial health of the Trust, ensuring that management of its investments and accounts are secure and that the income is sufficient to meet the demands of the Almshouse and Grant-making programmes. These elements comprise the core purpose for the Trust’s existence and their efficacy is kept under constant review by the Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is comprised of Nominated Trustees, who are appointed by Birmingham City Council for periods of four years, and Co-opted Trustees, who are appointed by their fellow Trustees, for periods of five years.

The Trustees ensure that the skills and composition of the Board of Trustees, together with related succession planning, are kept under frequent review. When making new appointments, the Trustees look for people from the local area for their experience, knowledge of and empathy with the Trust and who will balance and complement the range of skills and experience among their members. New Trustees are assisted in various ways by the Trust’s staff and other Trustees to become acquainted with their responsibilities and to tackle their demanding but fulfilling roles. The Board of Trustees consists of people with very wide experience in disciplines that are useful to the Trust and beneficial to those it serves. 


The Current Trustees of the Charity are as follows:-

Andrew Burley (Chairman)
Keith Dudley (Vice-Chairman)
Neil Andrews 
Malcolm Cornish *
Cllr Diane Donaldson*
Ranjan Hoath 
Inge Kettner
Jayne Luckett
Dr Stephen Martin
Andrew Morris
Cllr Jane Mosson*
Dr Francis Murray
John Routh
Amarjit Singh
Cllr Simon Ward**
* Trustees nominated by Birmingham City Council
** Trustee nominated by Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council