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Grants For Individuals

Who may apply?

Anyone who is currently resident in the Trust’s area of benefit, defined as the council wards of Birmingham City Council known as the Sutton Coldfield constituency, for at least two years and is in need.

Grants are made to help with the purchase of essential domestic equipment, to help people with disabilities, to help with education after normal schooling, to help people with long term health problems and to meet other needs.

How do I apply?

Please Contact the Almshouse Manager for further details or to make an application.

What information must I give?

The form(s) will ask about your family and for details of income and expenditure together with information about what a grant it needed for. You will then be contacted by the Almshouse Manager who will arrange to visit you to discuss your application, or in the case of students and applicants for sponsorship, you will be invited to come to the office.

If your application is for help with a medical problem your Doctor or Health Visitor may be asked for a supporting letter.

All information given by you or by someone else about your application is strictly confidential, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

How is the application processed?

A report is sent to the Trustees, who meet regularly to discuss applications. At the meeting your request is presented by the Almshouse Manager and the Trustees may ask questions before making a decision.

During the week after the meeting you will be sent a letter to tell you what the Trustees decided and, if they agreed to make a grant, how it will be paid. If your request is refused no reasons will be given.